Moving to Canada
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Moving to Canada


Get real answers to your questions about how to move to Canada from people who have successfully made the move themselves. This easy to follow guide explains the different programs allowing people from around the world to move to Canada, either temporarily or permanently. It goes in-depth to explain the new Express Entry system, including exactly how long the process takes and how much it costs to become a Canadian permanent resident. Learn everything you need to know about the Canadian immigration process, from making the decision to getting settled in your new home.


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Learn which programs provide a pathway to citizenship. Find out how you can become a permanent resident of Canada the day you arrive. There are many different ways to get to Canada; this book will help you find the optimal program for you and your family. Moving to Canada will answer all of your questions about life abroad, including:
  • How to qualify for the various immigration programs
  • What to expect: timeline, cost, and requirements
  • Moving your belongings into the country
  • Getting settled in Canada as a new resident
  • What life is like in Canada
  • What it means to be a permanent resident of Canada
  • Becoming a Canadian citizen